Warranty Guidelines

Commercial use of items intended for home use voids warranty.
NO exceptions.

Keep original packaging during warranty period.

Please note: If packing shows signs of being opened, this does not mean the product was returned or used by another customer. Espresso machines and grinders arriving from overseas may be removed from packaging, tested and repackaged before shipping to customer. Grinders may have some residue from testing upon arrival.

Avoid these common pitfalls with your espresso machine and/or grinder.

Warranty Conditions

If you have a warranty related issue, please contact us and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.  

1. General Guidance on Manufacturer Warranties: Each warranty will differ. Warranties do not apply to equipment that the manufacturers/distributors feel is damaged due to misuse, neglect, alteration, improper installation or operation, improper maintenance or repair. In most cases, the manufacturer warranties will include exclusions similar to those listed in Section 3. Keep the product packaging during the warranty period in case of warranty issues or future maintenance/repairs.

2. Warranty:  Warranties are provided through the manufacturer, dealer or distributor, depending on the brand. Please see individual product pages for warranty lengths for each product or contact us for specifics. Unless noted otherwise, product limited-warranty period is one year. Unless otherwise stated, warranty period starts once the product leaves our shipping location. Note: some warranties may start on date of purchase. (Please check the user documentation!)

Warranty for parts and labor for home machines is limited to manufacturer’s defects unless otherwise noted.

Warranty for machines used for commercial purposes is parts only limited to manufacturer’s defects – this means that labor to make the repair is NOT covered under commercial warranty unless a labor warranty is purchased or provided.

Movement during shipping – No matter how well products are packaged, they sometimes get jostled around during shipment, causing components within the machine, such as electrical connectors to move around. In most cases, the solution is easy to fix with tech support and is not considered a defect.

IMPORTANT:  Keep the product packaging during the warranty period in case of warranty issues or future maintenance/repairs. We will not accept returns, shipments relating to warranty, or exchanges that do not have original packaging. Packaging for these products are designed to reduce the risk of damage during shipment. Shipping a machine or grinder without the packaging will cause unnecessary damage during transportation.

3. Warranty Exclusions: Exclusions to limited warranty applicable to products during the warranty period are noted below (meaning these are conditions that are not covered or will void the limited warranty on a product). The following product warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following during the product limited-warranty period:

a. Damage or defects resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance/cleaning, neglect, faulty installation, mishandling, damage during shipment for warranty repairs, power line surge or any external causes;
b. Operation of product outside of its intended use as described in user documentation included with the product; (such as using home equipment for commercial purposes);
c. (IMPORTANT) Problems related to water damage, poor water quality, and scaling. Use water above 0 ppm, but less than 50 ppm. Follow user directions provided in documentation regarding descaling and proper water hardness;
d. Expendable items and items damaged as a result of failure to follow instructions that come with the product;
e. Products and items shipped or returned without manufacturer packaging, or damaged manufacturer packaging;
f. Altered or missing serial numbers and/or data plates;
g. Use of parts for installation, operation, repair or alteration that is not manufactured by original manufacturer;
h. Modification or service by anyone other than an authorized distributor or warranty provider;
i. On-site labor, or labor at any location not previously authorized, and/or expedited shipping cost of parts to customer for self-repair;
j. Cost of installations or routine maintenance items, such as gaskets, o-rings, grinding burrs, and other normal wear and tear items;
k. Shipping costs to ship product back to authorized warranty center provided;
l. Any acts of God, such as, but not limited to, lightning, flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, etc.;
m. Shipped product to or bringing product from outside of the United States of America;
n. Cosmetic defects or variations.