Proper Use and Care of Espresso Machines

Making espresso is an art. It takes practice and patience. With the proper techniques and machine care, you can create amazing artisan drinks with the your equipment.

If you are buying one of our espresso machines, then you are making an investment in amazing coffee. Protect your investment by giving the machine the care it needs.

Common Mistakes:

  • Incorrect grinder settings and/or tamp techniques.
  • Use of hard or distilled water
  • Incorrect milk frothing technique
  • Improper machine maintenance and care
  • Incorrect machine setup

Getting the most out of your espresso machine and grinder:

  • Read and follow the manual: It may be obvious, but follow the installation and setup procedures! Machines that overheat may trip protection rests. Protection resets are not considered manufacturer defects because they result from improper electrical configurations.
  • Use the right water: Use soft water or a water filtration system to ensure that your water quality is between 1-50 ppm. Using anything but soft water will void your warranty. So, do not use tap water, distilled water, or ultra-pure water.
  • Clean the machine! Flushing and cleaning your machine (use water every 10 espressos and detergent every 40 espressos). This prevents residue build up which can damage your machine. Oh… and lack of maintenance can void your warranty. Consult your manual for the right maintenance schedule and procedures for your machine.
  • Grinding and tamping: Making espresso is about getting the right combination of pressure buildup and water flow through the coffee. If your espresso is packed too tightly, it restricts water flow. If it is too loose, it doesn’t build enough pressure. A proper grind provides the ability to get the right tamp, and also gives you the best flavor. Watch this video on proper tamping technique and grind size adjustment.
  • Practice your frothing technique: It takes practice, but you can learn the right way to steam your milk.