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Ricks Roasters

Sample Packs


We get it. If you are trying our coffee for the first time, committing to an entire pound of coffee can be almost as tough as hearing Nickelback pop on the radio.

But because we understand both the fear of commitment and hearing overrated Canadian garage bands on the airwaves, we have a solution!

Sample packs! (They also make great gifts)

But don’t think that we’re going to let you off that easy. Life is still full of choices… like “how many words of Rockstar do you single along with before you turn the station”?

Each Sample Pack contains a selection of 6 coffees that almost guarantees that you'll find a coffee that you'll love. (Pod people get four of our favorites.)

Best Sellers: Four Horsemen, Brazil Cerrado, Kickstart, Small V;ctories, Bourbon Barrel Heritage, and Bali Blue Moon 

Signature Blends: Four Horsemen, Harborsite, Tio Frio, 442, Moka Java, and Bourbon Barrel Heritage

Single-origins: Coffee del Cerro – Washed, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Bella Vista (Costa Rican), Sumatra Mandehling, Brazil Cerrado and Sleeping Crocodile (Timor).

Flavored Pack: S’mores, Mother’s Little Helper, Beach Bum, When Pigs Fly, Oh Sugar! and Bourbon Barrel Heritage

Decaf: (We didn’t forget about you…) Guatemalan Decaf, Peru SWP, Decaf S’mores, Decaf Mother's Little Helper, Decaf Beach Bum, and Inert Decaf 

The Black Box: We too like to live dangerously... you can take a walk on the wild side and try six mystery coffees. Try it. Love it. Scan the QR code to see what it is!

ALL THE COFFEE: It is exactly what it sounds like! Thirty (Yes.... 3, 0) samples of our coffees packed in an ammo can. Perfect for you to try nearly everything we offer, or to give as a gift. (Shipping is included in the price of this item.)

Single pod variety pack: Four Horsemen, Kickstart, Small V;ctories, Brazil Cerrado

Sample Packs