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Ricks Roasters Coffee Co

Monthly Bean Boxes - Local Pickup


Honestly.... You probably saw this coming before we did!

We added gift crates and gift boxes last year. This year we made our subscription options easier so that you can get amazing coffee right to your door without even thinking about it.

Well... now we've finally figure out what you knew was coming for a long time... subscription boxes!!!

What is the difference between this box and the other one?

Glad you asked... this option is for local pickup only!

If you are in Texas or California, you may want to click here, now, to continue... otherwise we look forward to hearing about your road trip!

What's in the box? (not a Brad Pitt reference... or is it)

Of course, by definition, these are a monthly gift box with two pounds* of our amazing coffee, four samples of our other fine coffees, monthly swag, and gift items from other amazing local businesses from around Stafford, Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia. (Hint: we produce more than just government paperwork in these parts!)

(*Note: Single-serve boxes will get 36-pods instead of 2-pounds)

Who should you get the box for?

We would, of course, ask, "Who shouldn't you treat to a subscription?" 

But in all seriousness, why not treat yourself? Self-care is an important part of maintaining life-life balance, and sometimes it is nice to do something nice for yourself. 

How does it work? (The important but possibly boring part)

Contents - Pick your subscription box length, and the general parameters of the box (Note: we'll include shirts by December's box.)

Billing - You'll get charged on the same date of every from from when you originally signed up if you sign up for monthly billing. 

New subscriptions - Generally speaking, the cutoff date for new subscription orders is the 20th of each month for the next month's box. So if you order later in the month, your box may potentially be a month behind... but it will still be awesome!

Sending the box - We'll notify you when your box is ready for pickup. During the summer, it will be ready at your purchase location, and in the fall and winter, you can either pick up from the roastery (and smell the awesomeness), or pick up from one of our partner locations.

Monthly Bean Boxes - Local Pickup