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Ricks Roasters Coffee Co

Self-paced Home Coffee Tasting Kit


Cupping is the "wine tasting" of the coffee world.

It is an event. It connects the taster to the coffee. It is fun!

Cupping is done with nearly ceremonial rigor and scientific precision with standards developed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), and it is how coffee farmers, distributors, roasters, and aficionados study coffee.

We are pleased and excited to bring you this tasting kit because we want to share our love of coffee with you in a different way. 

The Ricks Roasters Coffee Tasting Kit contains 4 SCA-style cupping glasses, 4 cupping spoons, an instruction pamphlet to include links to our cupping videos, and 5 coffees from your choice of our light, medium, dark, or premium sample packs.

For best results, you'll also need the following items to set up your cupping:

  • A tablespoon per coffee sample to assist with skimming
  • Clean, filtered water heated to 200F
  • A burr grinder, if possible
  • Water for palette cleansing
  • A cup of water for rinsing spoons
  • A scale (for measuring cupping portions)
  • A timer
  • Pen and paper for notes
  • A love of coffee!

If you don't have a burr grinder, don't worry, we'll grind it for you, and if you don't have a food scale, we'll cover how to measure proper portions in the video, as well. The point of this is to taste the coffee in a different way, and have fun!

Prefer a live event over Google Meet? Try our Guided Virtual Tasting and Tour!

Whether you do this quietly at home, or make a small party out of it, we'd like to hear back from you! Share your thoughts and your videos with us on Facebook and/or Instagram!

Self-paced Home Coffee Tasting Kit