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Nestled in the hillside near Comayagua, Honduras, the Flores family lovingly grows their coffee on their multi-generation farm. It is a labor of love that they undertake to continue their family tradition of growing fine, specialty coffee. Once the coffee cherries ripen, Antonio Flores and his family family harvest and process the coffee and then send it to Enoc, Antonino’s, in Maryland. Once there, Enoc finds buyers for the coffee and we are privileged to be among the select few to be able to bring it to you.

Single-farm coffees are a rare find, and this is one that will be offered for a limited time… until next year’s crop comes into port.

This washed coffee is smooth, low acid, full-bodied and brimming with sweet notes of caramel and berries. We are incredibly pleased to bring this direct-trade treasure to your cup in a medium or a dark roast.

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1/2lb Bag, 1lb Bag, 1.5oz Ground (enough to brew 10 cups)


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