Bomber Blend




Is that Bomb suit bringing you down and you need a big BOOM to get you going?

Is Death by PowerPoint at the Battle Update Brief making you want to PMCS your eyelids?

Or are you just worn the hell out from running all over the desert blowin’ shit up?

You don’t have to drink that swill from the chow hall anymore that’s even more bitter than an ex! What you need is that kick in your fourth point of contact to get you going. Bomber Blend is just what you’re looking for, blended to have 50% more caffeine than your average Cup of Joe and it’s not even bitter. This will get you going and might even motivate you enough to get out of that Fart Sack and do some PT on that deployment.

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Weight N/A
Coffee Bag Size

1/2lb Bag, 1lb Bag, 1.5oz Ground (enough to brew 10 cups)


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