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You are what you brew.....

Almost everybody likes coffee, but apparently how you like your coffee can reveal quite a bit about your personality.

Your favorite coffee says a lot about you as a person.

Often times the type of coffee you drink has a direct correlation to your personality. A study found that people who drink certain types of coffee share common attributes.

Which one of these coffee beverages do you most often drink?


Black Coffee

You prefer to keep things simple. You are old school, patient, sometimes quiet, efficient, and set in your ways.


Decaf Coffee

You like being in control. You may even be labeled a perfectionist and your health is important to you.


Instant Coffee

You are most likely a procrastinator, and indecisive.



You are a natural born leader that knows how to get things done. You get straight to the point, are always on the go, and live for the deadlines.



You are zany and playful, and very easy going. Most likely you don’t even like coffee, but drink the latte because it is a safe pick.



You are warm hearted and bubbly.



You are calm and driven. You enjoy the simple things in life.



You are a trend setter, will try anything once, adventurous, and courageous.


Non-Coffee Drinker

You’re still a child, unseasoned, and not experienced in life yet.


So what brew are you? Is there one specific coffee and trait to your personality or are you a little of them all?


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