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Welcome to chapter 2021

We have all had quite the experience in 2020.

We may have been in the same waters, but we were not in the same boat.

We have had silent battles, crying nights, jobless days, virtual hells, boredom, endless DIYs, and countless days at home.

But we have also had more time with our families, more projects getting done, new habits formed, and experiences that will one day be in the history books.

And we all will look back and be able to tell the tale of the crazy year of 2020. 

2020 was a tough one, but we survived. We’ve endured many challenges, but we’ve also discovered new found strength.We may not be our old selves, and we may be missing some of our friends and loved ones, but we are here.

And that gives us reason enough to take on 2021.

How will you thrive in 2021? Here are some ideas to help make sure that no matter what 2021 throws at us, we will be prepared. 

Write yourself a personal vision statement. It may be a cliche to have a new years resolution, but this year instead of declaring a few loose commitment, write down a real vision statement for yourself.

What do you truly want to achieve? Will you conquer professionally? Personal transformation? If writing isn’t your nitch try taking a video of yourself. There is nothing more powerful than taking a long hard look in the mirror, especially when they are talking back to you.

Attempt an accountability partner. No-one can do this alone. Take your personal vision statement and share it with someone. It can be anyone of your choosing.

The key to choosing this person is the power they will have to help hold you accountable. That person will need to challenge you honestly, and determine if you are truly staying committed to your vision.

The role of the accountability partner is not only to motivate you, but to also assist you in achieving your goals by serving as a clarifying counterpart.

Commit to community, besides an accountability partner; all of us benefit from being part of a community greater than ourselves.

Whether it is a social group or a civic cause, a religious congregation, or a study group, commit to being a more engaged community member in one way or another.

By finding new ways to embrace togetherness, not only will you surround yourself with people who share your passion, but you will also feel a stronger sense of connection to a greater goal.

Lastly, plan some fun. Let’s be honest: 2021 is going to start our pretty rough. While vaccines are coming and perhaps the political landscape will cool down, we aren’t out of the woods yet.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be joy and wonder in 2021.

So just as much as you should plan on some personal growth in your 2021 vision statement, you should also plan on experiencing something that makes you smile and laugh.

Despite our greatest hopes for an easy year, 2021 will chart its own course, and there is no doubt that it will bring twists and turns as well as hardships and heroics.

But by applying optimism and effort, as well these four strategies, each of us can alter the way we personally and professionally navigate the year ahead. 

Because while it is a good thing to survive a year, it is an even better thing to thrive in it.

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