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The best Coffee in the World

What makes coffee a contender for the best coffee in the world?

There are a combination of factors. These factors vary, from geology to geography, history to culture, and botany to agriculture. The many elements play huge roles in coffee drinking. The ideal bean also needs ideal treatment.

There is a lot of expertise that goes into making a wonderful cup of coffee.

The key is growing and brewing followed by producing popular coffees from around the world.


Growing Coffee

Coffee’s quality and character depends solely on location.

This includes elevation, climate, and soil.

Coffee enthusiasts seek single origin coffees. One of the primary factors that determine coffee quality is the bean itself. Geography also plays a large role in quality and flavor. Coffees are identified by their country of origin.

Lastly the harvesting process of coffee further influences coffee’s quality and flavor.

Then of course the proper storage and shipping of the beans to ensure that the coffee’s naturally occurring flavors and aromas remain.


The Perfect Roast and Perfect Grind

Coffee roasters play a significant role in deterring the flavor profile of your brew.

The various types of roast ranging from light to dark.

Generally speaking, lighter roasts have a bright acidity and let the coffees natural notes, where as darker roasts emphasize a deeper more robust flavor.

Having the correct grind of your bean is another key factor. From the powdery grind to a more coarse grind, having a proper ground coffee is essential.


Coffee and Culture

Culture plays a huge role in how we drink our coffee as well.

For centuries coffee houses and coffee shops have been the center of creative and intellectual discussion for centuries. Coffee drinkers around the world are part of a legendary tradition.

The brewing method, degree of roast, grind of beans, and method of production are all equally important.

But the cultural context and history of coffee add meaning.

Whatever coffee you settle on being your personal favorite, a coffees quality is dependent non everything we have discussed.

The more you learn about coffee, the closer you are to finding the best coffee in the world. 

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