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Posts tagged: aroma

Choosing good Decaf Coffee (It’s hard)

  Coffee has over a thousand different compounds in it, the most well-known of which is caffeine. While many consider caffeine a desirable stimulant (and sometimes the only reason to drink coffee), a significant number of people can’t have or don’t want to have caffeine. That’s where decaffeinated coffee comes...

Ways of sweetening your Coffee without using sugar

So, since sugar in coffee poses a danger to our health, what alternatives are out there to flavor our coffee without using it? Anything that claims to be healthy can be debated. I'm not promising that everything here is healthy for everyone. Age, health problems, personal preferences all affect what...

Caffeine..... Yes please!

Let’s start with how caffeine effects your body and your brain. Researchers have found that caffeine has positive effects on your brain, body overall, and central nervous system. Caffeine produces a feeling of pleasure and happiness…. Overall gives you positive vibes, this is because caffeine increases dopamine in the brain....

Barely touching the surface of Roasting

Let’s talk about roasting. All you need to do is roast the green raw coffee until it goes brown. It doesn’t sound any more complicated than frying up a burger. But it certainly is! Coffee roasting is based on a science about which entire books have been written. How great...