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Saving the world one sip at a time!

Not all super heroes wear capes. Some of us drink coffee.

Have you ever felt guilty about using disposable coffee cups?

Well, you’re not alone, and not without good reason either. After all, our morning cup-o-rick is supposed to help us take on the day-not destroy the planet.

Did you know consumers go through 600 billion paper and plastic cups per year world wide?

While some cups are recycled, most are not. Millions of non-biodegradable cups wind up in landfills, waterways, oceans, on the sides of roads, and everywhere else they should not be.

A person that buys a single cup of coffee each day of the week will generate 23 pounds of waste per year. Now, can you imagine multiplying that by billions?

Knowing all of this, consumers will use paper cups believing it is the better alternate route.

Although paper is biodegradable and compostable, paper cups aren’t great for the planet either. Paper cups in their current form have plastic coatings on them to make them leak-proof. This ultimately negates the ability for paper cups being able to be recycled.

Knowledge is power, and knowing all of this about something as small as a cup to enjoy your coffee is destroying our planet is the reason we have changed to greenware.

Our cups, lids, and to-go containers are all greenware.

This means everything we serve you is in a plant based package. Our greenware will never fill a landfill or end up harming the ocean. These products biodegrade in about six weeks, and because they are plant based they cause no harm to the environment or the area in which they break down after use.

Don’t feel guilty about your morning brew.

Enjoy every sip, and know you are saving the world with each one.

Together we can be a small part of what the environment needs us to be. So brew another pot and enjoy your caffeinated victory.

Let’s continue to save the world one sip at a time.

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