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Everyone can make Thanksgiving safer.

This year Holiday celebrations will look a little different, but that doesn’t mean we can’y be together or not enjoy the Holiday.

Here are some tips to help make your Thanksgiving safe for everyone.

Wear a mask with two or more layers covering your nose and mouth secured under your chin, and snug around the sides of your face.

Remember to keep a six foot distance (two arm lengths) between yourself and others.

Lastly wash your hands often with soap for 20 seconds each time.

Keep hand sanitizer with you in the instance you are not able to wash your hands, and make sure it is at least 60% alcohol.

When attending a gathering try to use disposable utensils, napkins, plates, and single use condiment packets.

Avoid going in and out of areas the food is being prepared or handled, and make sure if you are the person assisting in food preparation wash your hands in between glove changes and wear your mask at all times.

If you plan on hosting this Holiday season safety is key.

Try hosting your Holiday dinner outside if weather permits.

If you host inside try to have the windows open.

Try limiting the number of guests, and whomever will be attending have a discussion before hand to communicate the expectations for celebrating together.

Go over how to stay safe, and what will be expected from your guests as well as whomever is hosting to keep everyone safe abiding by social distancing and cleanliness for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

If you plan to travel this Holiday season... 

make sure to check travel restrictions and guidelines before you go.

Get your flu shot before you travel, and get tested for COVID-19.

Always have your mask on when stopping to go into public setting and public transportation.

Stay at least 6 feet apart from anyone that is not with your household.

Wash your hands as often as possible and use hand sanitizer in between hand washing.

Try to avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces, your mask, nose, eyes, and mouth.

Don’t forget to bring back up hand sanitizers, and masks for your travels.

Lastly consider alternate Holiday celebrating.

Host a virtual Thanksgiving for family and friends that do not live with you.

Schedule a time to share a meal virtually and have them share recipes, dishes they prepared, and their love and best wishes over a virtual dinner.


However you decide to celebrate this Thanksgiving make it a safe one! We are sending the best of wishes to you and your family!

Happy Quarangiving!

From your favorite Roasters!

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