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How to keep your coffee fresh......


Fresh coffee, stored correctly, will ensure a great-tasting cup of coffee. 

Let’s begin by asking, what effects coffee freshness? There are two things that primarily effect coffee freshness are the two things we need to live. Oxygen and light, take it away from coffee and you’ll be adhering to the principles barista’s around the world use to store their coffee. For maximum coffee freshness you will have to decrease air movement, limit temperature fluctuations, and avoid exposure to sunlight. 

Next, let’s ask ourselves….. Pre-Ground vs. Whole Bean? 

As we know freshly ground is better than pre-ground pepper, the same theory applies to coffee. The whole beans should be ground right before you brew. The oils that make your cup of coffee delish and full of aroma, begin to degrade in quality consequently. Think about this as well. Once coffee is ground it releases it’s oils and aroma in which makes your cup of coffee so yummy. And the longer it sit out already ground the more the flavor and freshness deteriorates. If you ask me, whole bean all day baby!

Once you’ve got your coffee whether it be whole bean or ground. How do you store it for absolute freshness? Some may store in a refrigerator or freezer. Which if you do so please stop. Most of the bags aren’t airtight so keeping them in freezer will do more harm than good. Coffee is perishable; putting it openly into the freezer will start absorbing its natural flavors and oils. So then we say, well hey what about my bean hopper? This is where I say, “coffee hopper also a no go for freshness.” To keep your beans at their peak keep them in an air tight, dark container. Avoid the sunlight, avoid heat, and avoid steam. Within 72 hours after being roasted coffee beans have reached their maximum or peak of freshness, so use them as quickly as possible. (Side tip: it’s always best not to stare ground coffee-whenever possible use whole bean and grind rite before brewing.)

Most importantly…. But the best quality and freshest beans possible. This will ensure that you have a cafe-like experience at home. When using better quality fresh beans you will have delectable aromas, creme, and bright flavors. 

As always “drink better coffee”.


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