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How to create the perfect start each day.....

There are only two times of the day you have total control. The Start of your day and the end of your day. You can always attempt planning the middle of your day, but let’s be real, how often do tasks unfold the way you “planned” them?

Sometimes your boss will call you and need something added to your daily agenda. Or as mine likes so say…. “I have a short notice task I’d like you to do, but I also understand if you don’t have the time given the 30 hats you wear”. He did say it best. Yes I am doing the short notice task, and yes I am wearing 30 hats. The point is, life is uncontrollable, so don’t count on being able to make it through the day. What you can do, though, is control the time you go to bed, when you wake up, and how you wake up. A morning routine is extremely powerful, and sets the tone for the course of your day.

Now, to my favorite part. How coffee fits into all of this. Most of us, including myself, begin our days with coffee. I personally, grind my beans and do the pour over method when getting together my morning brew. Specifically, because it takes longer to enjoy my morning coffee. This might seem counterintuitive in nature, but engaging in a practice that keeps my hands busy and mind occupied. It is a way of forcing myself to appreciate the process. In this period of mandatory downtime, my hands are too busy to text, and I'm too occupied to think. It’s a meditative practice, one that allows me to step away from life's responsibilities and process problems in a healthy and much-needed manner.

Once I’ve finished with making my coffee…….I try to stick to little things through the course of the morning.  So why not start it with “small victories”, to help set the stage for what the rest of your day will be. For instance, after coffee is brewed and sipped (yay me), I make the beds. This helps me gain momentum to get to the larger tasks of the day. And the great thing about this is if your day doesn’t go as planned when you come home you have a made bed. It’s a win-win task that takes little effort, and something that can be accomplished without a doubt every single day. Followed by my visualization/silence period before my toddlers arise from their slumber with a vengeance. During this period I try to visualize my day the best I can. This includes making a list, maybe writing in one of my many journals, taking 15 minutes to read something positive, jot down some things I’m grateful for, or just simply sitting in silence with my freshly brewed coffee. However you choose to spend your silence period, do it with enjoyment.

Leading to my next point. Spend time doing something you love. Which again brings me back to coffee (my fave). I love everything about brewing a delicious cup of coffee (who am I kidding?-pot of coffee). The pour over, as well as using my french press, or my chemex that takes precision each morning is the best thing I can do for myself. Do you enjoy cooking breakfast for yourself, reading the paper, or maybe taking the dog for a walk? Don’t think twice! Starting your day with something you love is important.

You don’t need all of the answers, just ones for the questions rite in front of you. Take it slow and one day at a time. I suggest this routine as a morning framework and adapting it to fit your passions. For me, making a mug of pour over is the cornerstone of a balanced morning. 

What gets you in your groove?

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