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Coffee and Christmas

The Naughty list isn’t just for kids

Santa is known to leave coal for naughty children, but when it’s the parents that have been naughty instead, he stuffs their children’s stocking with thermoses full of light roast coffee. Good luck catching those kiddos! Parents, kid’s aren’t the only ones getting checked twice.

Don’t be a Krampus

The Christmas monster known as Krampus is depicted as Santa’s evil counterpart. He goes around punishing naughty children and being an overall disagreeable-grouch. The truth is Krampus isn’t just a grouch, the spirit of Krampus is alive and well in all the people that run out of coffee during the Holiday weekend when all the stores are closed. 

No Coffee For the Elves

At the North Pole, Elves (the Tundra’s natural high-speed workers) are strictly forbidden from drinking coffee. Why? You might ask. Two words: Spontaneous Combustion. 

Magic Beans 

Opposite of the elves, reindeer are actually given a special strong brew on Christmas Eve. Legend has it, it’s the magic ingredient that helps make reindeer fly. 

Why we really leave Santa milk on Christmas Eve

Contrary to popular belief, Santa doesn’t simply drink the milk we leave out with his cookies on Christmas Eve night. He uses the milk to pour into his barrel sized thermos of coffee. How else is he supposed to make it through the night?

Who knew coffee was such a magical part of Christmas? …Well actually, we did! And we’re sure you did too! After all, everyone knows you can’t survive the cold winter without warm coffee.


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