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Brewing up Freedom

In the United States coffee reigns supreme. In 2018 the National Coffee Drinking Trends report, stated that coffee still dominates over tea in the U.S, despite tea’s higher consumption overall popularity worldwide. The states are actually pretty interesting, considering coffee is the second most-valuable, legally traded commodity in the world behind oil. 

Coffee’s popularity dates all the way back to the Revolutionary War (where a bunch of angry colonists threw boxes of tea overboard to protest British taxes). Did you know John Adams, our second President, even went so far as to declare tea as the “traitors drink”. At that time the Colonists vowed to only serve coffee in their homes, drinking tea was seen as betrayal. Funny how something that happened in rage and protest shaped our country’s consumption habits to this day. In all actuality, we’d be a tea drinking nation if John Adams didn’t start the movement to ban that beverage. 

Ok, history lesson over, and here come the fun facts. 

In 2016 50 percent of Americans 18 and older drank coffee every day. This roughly makes up about 150 million people (holy crap that’s a lot of coffee drinking). This doesn’t even touch the consumption charts of 2.25 billion cups being enjoyed daily around the world!

Moving on to the battle of the sexes. Who do you think drinks the most coffee? Drum roll please…… It’s a tie! Yes you heard me correctly a tie among men and women. Both sexes consume about 1.6 cups daily. Although, men and women do drink coffee for completely different reasons. Most women say, when they drink coffee it assists in relaxing them, and is a good stress reliever. Men on the other hand, drink coffee to help them focus and give them the extra push they need to get going each day. 

On to the infamous black vs. cream coffee consumers (We can’t all be coffee purists Eric). Did you know more than 65 percent of people do prefer sugar and/or cream in their coffee? Even though drinking coffee with cream and sugar is yummy, drinking coffee black has been linked to numerous health benefits. Also, drinking your coffee black allows you to appreciate and recognize the flavor notes that make this beverage so special.

Either way you drink your coffee, we’re here for it. Keep on brewing everyone! 

“Ring a ding ding,” Class dismissed.

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