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10 Coffee Hacks that will change your Life!

If you are a life hacker (i.e. like to get shit done using unorthodox/smarter methods) and enjoy craft coffee, do we have a list for you! Imagine taking your DIY experience to the next level with fun, innovative, and creative ways to make and use coffee.

  1. Did you know you could roast coffee in your popcorn maker at home?  One of the best ways to the craft coffee experience is rooting your own beans. The excitement of self-roasting is unexplainable. Popcorn makers are designed to work on similar principles such as large batch coffee roasters by rotating the kernels, or in our case beans and heating them completely through to develop rich flavors.
  2. My personal favorite, the coffee cube! One of the absolute worst things about drinking iced coffee or cold brew is the ice cubes melting and diluting our beloved coffee. Instead of that risk, why not keep your coffee beverage strong and use coffee cubes? As the coffee cubes melt, they will ensure that your coffee tastes rich and full-flavored all the way through. 
  3. Who doesn’t love a great espresso shot, but can’t afford the expensive machine? Have no fear, the French press is here. By bringing espresso beans super fine and only pouring enough hot water to submerge the grounds, you can create a fairly good espresso fasimile. 
  4. Most people own a blender. Let’s just say your home and in the mood for cold brew, but don’t have anything to brew it. Well, there’s no need for fancy equipment when you have a trusty blender and a bit of patience. A blender can be used not only as a brewing vessel, but also a grinder. 
  5. Love coffee, but not the bitterness it can hold?  Add a bit of salt. The sodium helps to improve the taste of not so great coffee by masking some of the bitter components on your tongue.  
  6. Love your usual coffee, but need a little flavor. Spice things up, literally; with nutmeg or cinnamon. Add these spices to your coffee grounds before brewing to not only infuse the coffee with flavor, but also create a wonderful aroma. 
  7. Speaking of flavoring your usual boring coffee routine. Don’t just be that basic coffee syrup purchaser. Why not try making your own at home? 
  8. Take a coffee nap. Yes you heard me correctly, drink coffee and then take a nap. Because of the way caffeine interacts and is released into the body, drinking caffeine right before a 30 minute nap will leave you feeling alive and full of energy when you awake.
  9. Surprisingly, coffee offers you so much more than a delicious pick me up. It can also be used as a health and beauty product. You can use coffee grounds as an exfoliator, to nourish your skin and reduce stretch marks and wrinkles. Just add coffee grounds to coconut or almond oil and use as a scrub or exfoliating massage oil. 
  10. Coffee makes you poop! And who doesn’t love a good poop? Am I right? A study show that a cup of coffee will stimulate colon activity just as much as a 1000 calorie meal. Most think it is the caffeine in coffee, but it’s actually the acid in coffee that triggers a gut reaction that prompts it to….. well you know!

These coffee hacks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the things you can do with coffee. 

What was your favorite hack? Are there any hacks you’d like to share?

As always drink better coffee folks. We’ll see chat again soon! 

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