About Us

Why Brass Bullet Coffee Co?

At Brass Bullet Coffee Co, we try to do three simple things: make a difference, drink better coffee, and be better humans.
Besides, who doesn’t love coffee? (If you don’t you might be on the wrong page!)
Beyond breathing, sleeping and eating, drinking coffee is one of the most common experiences that humans share around the globe.

We keep things simple. No gimmicks. No nonsense.

Coffee. Customers. Causes. Community. That’s it.

Two Brands – One Company

Brass Bullet Coffee Co started in 2018 when Ben Dunham and Dan Burges decided to take advantage of Ben’s calling as a missionary in Nicaragua bring fresh Nicaraguan coffee to the Fort Worth area. However, getting small batches coffee from Nicaragua can be tricky, so Eric Balough, having just finished a grad school project on building a coffee roastery, joined the team to help figure out how the fledgling company could deliver quality coffee on a consistent basis. Dana Savage then joined as the company’s adult in the room!

In July 2018, BBCC entered into a licensing agreement with Ricks Roasters to expand their offerings and learn the ropes of the coffee business.

Sean and Keely Ricks started Ricks Roasters in 2013 after trying to find a particular kind of Indonesian coffee that Sean used to drink when he lived in Singapore. They quickly found a coffee mentor in Monty Ruckman, a retired Navy Senior Chief (“Senior Chief” is named in his honor), and within a year, they outgrew the roasting operation in their kitchen and moved to the present Virginia location.

In 2019, Sean and Keely made the decision to retire to Florida, and Dan, Ben, Dana and Eric made an offer to buy the company’s brand. In nine months, Brass Bullet Coffee Co went from being just four friends and a website to servicing over 70 wholesale customers, and having a cafe at the Virginia Railway Express Station in Quantico, Virginia.

Dan, Ben, Dana and Eric continue to build off of the tireless passion and dedication that Sean and Keely put into building Ricks Roasters.

Everyday Americans should be able to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee without pretentiousness, or bombastic theatrics.

Who we are

Our Name

The Army loves using coffee percolators. We just call them “coffee bullets”. In the early 1800s, brass was a common metal used for making coffee and tea pots. Since we’re veteran-owned, and we like a little world play, idea of “brass bullet” was born.


When Ben is not picking coffee beans in the fields of Nicaragua, he serves the community at large as a missionary along with his family.  His wife, Dagny and 10 of his children moved to Nicaragua in October, 2016.
From education, constructing homes and churches and providing financial assistance to those in need, Ben and his family’s ministry Thirsty Souls are thriving in their community and furthering the gospel through their words and deeds.
Ben’s signature coffee choice is Locked and Loaded.


Dan and his family live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where he works as a financial planner by day and coffee connoisseur by night. Dan’s wife, Kate, owns and runs a pre-school, so she too has developed a deep love for coffee and the magic it brings into her life.
Dan and Kate have three kids, three businesses, four cats, a dog, a fish and a Russian tortoise named Fernando.
Kickstart is named after Dan.


Eric and his wife, Liza, live in Virginia with their two kids and German Shepard pup named Piper. Liza and Eric volunteer a great deal of their time supporting children’s education and coaching youth sports.
Upon returning from an overseas assignment in Turkey in 2017, Eric started roasting his own coffee. It’s gone downhill from there.


Dana currently resides in Texas and loves experiencing coffee and culture through world travel (over 55 countries so far) almost as much as she loves defending our Nation’s freedom.
Always exploring and looking for an adventure, there’s a lot we could say about Dana, but the one thing we will say is that she really is a Savage. In fact we named a roast for her because she’s Always Savage.