Interested in selling our coffee?

Brass Bullet Coffee Company | Ricks Roasters has many wholesale customers, and you could be next!  Whether it’s for a restaurant, coffee shop, retail store, or representing your brand, we would love to work with you!

Please reach out to us at or to get started!

Wholesale FAQs

Why should we choose your company?

Coffee. Customers. Causes. Community. These are our guiding principles.

First and foremost, our coffee is amazing, and our customers are fanatically loyal. That loyalty is largely based on the exceptional value for the quality of our coffee that we produce.
We serve our customers, and we serve you. Our coffee is priced to suit the desires of the bulk of the coffee drinking market which, in most cases, is the bulk of your customers. We customize our product, delivery, and service to you with an eye to making your business successful. We believe that your success is our success.
We are a veteran-owned business, and the core principle of giving back to charities and causes is deeply ingrained in our culture. Over 90% of our employees are veterans, military dependents, or first responders.
Finally, we believe in being a part of our community. While we are deeply involved in local farmers markets and events, we also want to connect to the community through you. That happens when we have a strong partnership.

What is the process?

We evaluate your coffee program (or potential program if you are new) and develop the best solution for you as opposed to just giving you a price. We want your business to grow, and often there is more to be gained than just saving money here and there.
* coffee & label development as applicable
* equipment install & initial delivery as applicable.

Who is a “wholesale” customer?

You are a wholesale customer if you purchase our coffee in volume and then resell it in some form (or in the case of some promotional companies – give it away).
Our wholesale prices are structured to give you an excellent return on your investment based on our recommended retail prices.

Are there minimums?

We structure your program to make sure the volume you order is correct for your program and ensures the best level of freshness possible for your unique situation.

Do you deliver?

Yes. If your business is within 25 miles of any of our roasting locations, you are eligible for delivery. If you are outside that area, we typically ship and include freight shipping costs.

Do you supply equipment?

We have a basic brewed coffee equipment package to support customers that brew our product. We also represent Nuova Simonelli espresso machines and pass on very steep discounts to customers that are include our espresso in their beverage offerings.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Our service to you is our contract for our product. If your particular solution requires equipment, we do require an equipment contract for that asset.

Have you ever wanted to own your own coffee roasting business? Become a Brass Bullet Coffee Company licensee!  Contact us for more details.