Our Causes

Our Causes

From the very first bag of coffee Ricks Roasters sold, we’ve donated a portion of our profits to several charities near and dear to our hearts. At first, we donated to two charities, but as we have grown, the list has grown. Read below for the organizations we donate to and the tremendous work they do.

The StreetLight

First, we support Streetlight in Woodbridge, Virginia. Streetlight’s mission is to build strong community by improving the quality of life for impoverished men, women, and children, including the “chronically homeless.” Everyone is welcome, regardless of faith, race, or nationality. They serve their clientele in a compassionate and caring environment that offers dignity, acceptance, and Christ-like love. They facilitate personal growth, spiritual renewal, independence, and integration into a healthy community.

Veterans’ Charities

We actively support a variety of veterans charities and are deeply committed to their success and the populations they serve. You’ll see three worthy charities we’ve chosen below . There are links to each of them.

Please visit their sites and join us in supporting them.

The Fisher House Foundation

Fisher House provides free lodging for families of wounded service men and women as they receive treatment at military medical centers.


Camp Valor Outdoors

Camp Valor Outdoors seeks to recognize and honor ill, injured, and wounded members of the military (active duty, retired, and veterans) and their families through adaptive and competitive activities such as guided fishing, hunting, shooting, archery, 4-wheeling, or just simply relaxing around the campfire. All branches of the military services, from any generation, are welcome at Camp Valor Outdoors. The Camp Valor team, active and retired members of the military themselves, understand the hurdles that veterans and their families face after military service, particularly with injuries and illnesses. Warriors are never alone on the battlefield and shouldn’t be alone when they come back home. Healing in the great outdoors with Camp Valor Outdoors and reconnecting with fellow warriors is therapeutic.

Their mantra is, “One Team – One Fight!” We have joined that team by developing three delicious coffees which you can find on our website here for purchase. A portion of every sale is donated to Camp Valor Outdoors.

For more information and to contribute directly, visit their website: http://www.campvaloroutdoors.org/

4 Wheel to Heal

A small local charity started by active duty service members. The organization provides respite activities for wounded service members in the form of off-road vehicle activities.

EOD Warrior Foundation

The EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) serves the EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to active-duty and veteran wounded, injured or ill EOD warriors, families of our wounded and fallen EOD warriors and by maintaining the EOD Memorial.


National EOD Association

The National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association (NATEODA) is a non-profit fraternal and educational organization of active and formerly active members of the military services of the United States of America who have served in military Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) positions. The purpose of NATEODA is to preserve the history of EOD and to promote brotherhood among those who are serving and have served in the noble and self-sacrificing task of safely disposing of munitions.


Helping Children Worldwide

Helping Children Worldwide is a Christian organization committed to saving vulnerable children from disease, malnutrition, exploitation, illiteracy, and despair. Their multi-faceted approach impacts the lives of children and families through health care and education-two of the most critical factors in poverty reduction.

Helping Children Worldwide is transforming lives in Sierra Leone through programs to protect children, alleviate suffering, and break the crushing cycle of poverty.


The vision of Helping Children Worldwide is to build transformative and replicable partnerships with local organizations that result in strong, nurturing families, improved women’s and children’s health and self-sufficiency. They will achieve this vision by:

Creating sustainable programs of excellence
Building partnerships with organizations and individuals who can bring content expertise to program structure and development
Building a strong development function to attract the necessary financial resources to achieve our vision.

Child Rescue Centre

The vision of the Child Rescue Centre is to transform the lives of children by repatriating survivors of child trafficking and forced child labor into self-sufficient, nurturing families.

Mercy Hospital

The vision of Mercy Hospital is to achieve a measurable decrease in the infant and maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone by providing holistic, community-focused care regardless of ability to pay. To accomplish this, Mercy Hospital works collaboratively through community outreach to neighboring villages, providing programs focused on malaria treatment and prevention; HIV/AIDS awareness and education, testing and counseling; nutrition clinics for children under five years old; and prenatal care.

Helping Children Worldwide is a 501C3 nonprofit organization.
Tax ID #76-0729857
Combined Federal Campaign #44370

PNG Highlands Summit Coffee Co. – Humanitarian Efforts in Papua New Guinea and a Rare Cup of Coffee!

The journey started with a vision to open up air transportation to remote, mountainous areas of Papua New. The vision came full circle when exporting coffee allowed the people in these remote villages the opportunity to have supplies and services flown in and out.

By flying to the highlands in small planes and working trade deals with villagers, PNG Highlands Summit Coffee Company brings medical supplies, food, teachers, and health workers to remote highland villagers. The villagers trade wild-grown coffee for these supplies and services as well as trading vegetables that grow in the mountainous regions for protein rich foods that grow near the coast. All the while, PNG Highlands Summit Coffee Company brings a delicious coffee to the consumer!

There is no infrastructure to get insecticides or commercial fertilizer to the regions. PNG Highlands Summit Coffee is free of insecticides, commercial fertilizer, and is all natural. Wildly grown, this coffee STANDS OUT. Its notes are clean and fresh with an earth-toned, citrus flavor and a nutty, chocolate finish!

Follow the journey of this coffee from Papua New Guinea to your cup and experience the enjoyment taking place on both sides of the world: http://www.pnggourmetcoffee.com/