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Estate Coffee doing good for others (2)

Know where Burundi is?  Its a small country in East Africa, not really known for itís coffee.  Thatís really a shame, because they grow some spectacular beans!


The Carlsons were a family with a dream of improving the lot of the coffee farmers in Burundi.  They've built a washing station, become part of the community and, through their hard work building relationships between farmers and buyers, helped to grow the coffee business and improve the lives of the local farmers and families. (You can learn more at the Long Miles Coffee Project).  Long Miles is an Estate Coffee with a limited availablitiy.  


Long Miles coffee is a bold, earthy African coffee with hints of berry, cocoa and cake!  It is a full French Roast coffee that is bold, but not bitter.  A coffee that turly surprised us and is one of the office favorites!


Enter the code "LONG" at checkout and receive 10% off any purchase of Long Miles coffee between now and April 30th.

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